Nike’s latest ad features 258 young Londoners proving that “Nothing Beats a Londoner”


Nike has revealed a star-studded three-minute video bound to resonate with any Londoner. What starts out with Skepta entering a corner-shop to the backing track of his single Shut Down, materialises into a jam-packed video featuring sports celebrities and every-day Londoners challengingly the grime artist to go through what they go through.

The video titled Nothing Beats a Londoner features a total of 258 young Londoners and celebrates the capital’s widespread and diverse talent. When Skepta announces early on that he’s “not getting on a cycle,” the video proceeds to travel around the city with young athletes and musicians explaining what it takes to succeed in London. From a schoolboy “running from zone six – with my school bag” to an angry teenage girl who has to “fight my whole family before I even walk in the ring” the video represents all walks of life and the humorous struggles they encounter.

Alongside Skepta, the likes of Steph Houghton, Mo Farah, Giggs and Big Shaq of Man’s Not Hotcan be seen. The release of Nothing Beats a Londoner is accompanied by a webpage showcasing a map of London with mysterious drop-pins in the shape of padlocks dotted across the city. Over the coming week (9-18 February) Nike will be celebrating sport with over 75 of their sponsored athletes heading into these local communities to inspire Londoners at 250 venues.


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